Willkommen bei Maple Class 2020/21

Maple Class
Teacher:  Miss Hawkins

Non Fiction Text

Sycamore class have written non-fiction text pages about what they have learnt about the Stone Age so far.  They tried different ways of presenting the information in interesting ways. We think they are great!

Sycamore Class
Teacher:  Miss Brown

Sycamore children have been enjoying learning how to play the glockenspiel. They focused on the strong beat and concentrated really well. Marvellous musicians!

Sycamore make Pear & Chocolate Cake

Maple Become Archaeologists

This week maple class have been archaeologists and have taken part in an excavation of artefacts to find out more about the stone age

Healthy Eating

Maple class have been discussing in PSHE about keeping a healthy body and mind by taking part in exercise as part of our daily routine. Here are some freeze frames of some exercises we discussed. 

Maple Chairs.JPG

Sycamore make Double Chocolate Muffins!

This week in English the children's chairs went on strike and Yea 3 had to write a persuasive apology letter to convince them to come back.

Chairs go on Strike!!

Maple Chairs 2.JPG
Maple Chairs 1.JPG
Maple Chairs 3.JPG

Maple are all Art and DT

In art we have been looking at making collage based on the work of Picasso. We made lots of different version of a portrait and used waxed crayons to have chunked colour.


In DT we designed and made our own volcano pencil pots! 

The work of Picasso

Sycamore class looked at different ways to draw facial features based on the work of Picasso. We then experimented with different arrangements of the features. Once we settled on the face we were happy with, we added colour. We are really pleased with our final Picasso inspired pictures!

Maple and Sycamore Visit Hatton Country World

Year 3 went to Hatton country world for their plants topic in science. They had a great time planting their own beans and learning about how plants grow. We loved petting, feeding and holding lots of different farm animals. Finished with playtime in the soft play.